Diversify your digital campaigns and enjoy super-low CPCs using Bing. Talk to Liberty today about how our Bing boffins can keep your ROI sky-high.

Brilliant Bing PPC management

Bing’s popularity may pale in comparison to Google, but it still packs a powerful punch. There are over 6 billion monthly Bing searches in the US alone and the platform allows for highly targeted, low-cost paid search adverts.

Luckily for you, Liberty’s paid search boffins don’t just excel at Adwords.

Grow your revenue streams on Bing

Millions search exclusively on Bing every day, so it makes sense that your paid ads should be seen by these people too. What’s more, lower competition means that costs per conversion are usually lower on Bing. It makes sense to spread your load.


Make your Bing ads sing

Our PPC experts have years of experience in crafting concise, super-engaging Bing PPC adverts that bring home the bacon. We’ve the knowhow that utilises Bing’s highly relevant targeting techniques to keep ROI sky-high.


Leapfrog your competitors

Many brands underestimate Bing PPC advertising or ignore it altogether. When we work with you we’ll conduct a thorough audit of your marketplace and ascertain whether you can steal a march on your rivals using Bing.


Make your website work harder