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PPC (pay per click) needs to be worth your money, so be sure to utilise the Google shopping management expertise of Liberty. We’re a Google Ads Agency that prioritises your Google ads account growth in the right way.

We have an ROI-focused Google Ads management style, relying on statistical evidence to drive down your cost-per-click.

Being a Google Premier Partner means we’re trusted by the search engine to hit its quality guidelines and brand standard, so your account and advertisements couldn’t be in safer hands.

Alongside our Premier status, our approach to account structure and management is forward thinking. Our paid search team is always on the lookout for fresh opportunities, so this proactive attitude, combined with our Premier Partner information, ensures your Google ads account can stay ahead of the curve.

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Liberty’s PPC team believes in intelligent targeting, persona modelling and using our exclusive Google Adwords-partnered data to guarantee PPC success. We’re focused on hitting the results you want – whether it’s sales, ROI or increasing digital visibility.

  • Account Restructure
  • Fix Up Campaigns
  • Lower CPC
  • Conversion Optimisation

Focusing on Cost-Per-Click Efficiency and Targeted Ads

Our PPC team are Google Ad certified for a reason: they lower your cost-per-click without sacrificing on conversions. Through a combination of persona-based intelligent targeting, market knowledge, Google Partner expertise and attention-to-detail, our PPC experts ensure your advertisements are seen by the right audience.

By zoning in on cost-per-click efficiency and focused advertisements, we can build an engaging, enticing paid media strategy that complements your offline and online campaigns. By using a multi-layered strategy of keyword optimisation, demographics, audience interests and their stage in the purchasing funnel, we ensure your marketing budget goes as far as it possibly can.

Our paid media pros leave nothing to chance, ensuring only relevant users find their way to your site.


Conversions, conversions, conversions

Conversions are the name of the game. The most important aspect a Google Ads agency should focus on is conversions. Our Google ads managers work closely with CRO specialists to ensure that the traffic we bring to your site will convert, as well as basing all of our strategies around propagating it.

To supplement this, we utilise the Google Display Network to make sure visitors return, increasing re-conversions and customer loyalty.

We don’t cast the widest most expensive net possible, we focus on relevant and in-market audiences that are likely to convert and love your business; instead of luring random minnows, Liberty believes in the big catch. Being seen by the most people doesn’t relate to transactions, being seen by the right people does.

Using our Exclusive Google Premier Partner Knowledge

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Our Premier insights only benefit our clients; Liberty uses our position as a way to help, not to hoard knowledge. Our up-to-date knowledge on the latest advertising tools and trends , as well as access to Google Beta products, means our clients can advertise in ways that their competitors can’t. In essence, we are offering a foot-up on your competitors.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have exclusive access to industry news, market data, benchmarking data and internal Google changes, meaning that we can provide information that will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

At Liberty, it’s our mission to simplify the complicated world of paid traffic and help you increase sales, optimise your reach, and grow your business. Our highly experienced team knows every trick in the book, giving your business a competitive edge with PPC. Picture of Jeremy Young Jeremy Young Senior PPC Specialist

What We Do Differently

Here at Liberty, we believe in doing things the right way. Our agency was created on that basis and this reflects in our Google ads management. We’ll do things properly and will never take ill-advised shortcuts, providing long-term solutions to your company’s PPC problems: that’s our promise.

Liberty's Google Ads Services

Keyword Research

The first step of our Google ads service, we deal with your keywords: Which search terms are used by people who are interested in your specific products or services? When the keyword research is complete, it is important to analyse and sort them according to relevance, search frequency and intensity of competition.

Ad Design & Creation

When it comes to designing your Google Ads, Google offers a lot of creative space, but how do you use this free space as efficiently as possible? Our Google ads specialists make sure that your ads stand out clearly from the competition with suitable keywords, special formulations and appeal messages.

Complete Tracking Setup

Setting up tracking and web analysis using Google Tag Manager and Google analytics. We can track all form of conversions, from revenue, to leads to phone call clicks. Liberty’s Google ads agency will make sure all avenues are tracked and optimised.

Transparent Reports

You will receive a detailed report from us every month on your campaign performance and you will also have constant access to current figures and campaign data with your own personalised Google data studio dashboard.

Paid Media Case Studies

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+170% Return on Ad Spend

Smart Shopping became a highly profitable campaign, achieving a lower CPC than the standard Shopping ads and a strong conversion rate over the weekend.

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525% Year 2 Return on Investment

Global beauty brand Benefit came to us in 2014 with the challenge to improve their ROI and CPA figures through PPC in the UK.

View case study

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.