More than 90% of users don’t buy from a website on first visit and 75% abandon a shopping cart. Remarketing is all about reaching those ‘lapsed’ customers and bringing them back to your site.

ROI-focused remarketing

When it comes to retargeting, we know our onions. Liberty’s trained AdWords specialists have a proven track record in using remarketing to grow revenues and boost ROI.

Reach relevant customers

Liberty’s trained AdWords experts know the ins and outs of dynamic remarketing techniques. As a Google Top Tier partner, we’re given access to exclusive beta remarketing products to help jilted users fall back in love with your brand.


Eliminate wasted budget

Using AdWords, dynamic remarketing puts your brand back in touch with your target markets. Our PPC boffins crunch the data to cut through the noise and extinguish wastage in your digital spend.


Supercharge seasonal campaigns

Retargeting allows brands to capitalise on seasonal peaks in demand. Our remarketing management is used by dozens of top brands to ensure they are speaking to the right people at just the right time.


Do remarketing right

Remarketing can get a bad rap. But like all advertising, it’s only stinks when it’s done wrong. Our trained AdWords experts have years of expertise in crafting engaging, effective retargeting strategies that converts without pissing anyone off.


Make your website work harder