Keyword research boffins at Liberty ensure your money’s not going down the drain. Find out about our advanced keyword research techniques today.

Avoid expensive mistakes with our expert keyword research services

The right keyword research stops you barking up the wrong tree. Some businesses throw thousands down the drain every week competing for the wrong target audience.

Done right, keyword analysis helps you generate quality traffic to your site and gets you ahead of the chasing pack.

Spot the quickest of quick wins

Search needn’t always be about the long game. Our boffins shrewdly seek out the uncompetitive search terms that, with a little optimising, will get you relevant traffic, fast.

What’s not to like?


Earmark and benchmark your competitors

Enjoy in-depth analysis of who your search competitors are and how they’re faring in the SERPs. Then, over a period of months, our reporting will show you leapfrogging and outperforming your rivals.


Understand your personas

Traditional marketers spend millions every year researching who their target market are and finding out how they behave. Our search specialists use keyword research to get to grips with that at a fraction of the cost.

Getting to know your customers’ search habits informs your digital strategy – ensuring the right people see the right content at the right time.


Locate the longtail

Longtail keywords account for around 70% of all page views. Using the most detailed, advanced platforms we’ll uncover the search terms and trends that are relevant for your target market – ensuring your content campaigns reach their potential.


Why Liberty?

Our search connoisseurs can provide you with more bang for your buck. Talk to us today, or find out more about the brands we’ve helped.


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