Backlinks are like bananas – just one or two bad ones can spoil the whole bunch.
Find out how Liberty’s backlink audit service can help your site.

Backlink removal services

Tech boffins at Liberty conduct extensive backlink audits to locate dangerous, dodgy links and perform backlink removal services to get your link profile back to its best.

Get back on track with Google

If you’ve been affected by a Google penalty, we can help. We’ve helped dozens of brands to audit their backlink profile, remove unhealthy referrals and re-establish search rankings.


Keeping the right backlinks

A comprehensive link removal service would be just as disastrous as keeping your bad links. Our thorough audits analyse your backlink profile, ascertain which ones are helping you and which ones aren’t. Our experience means we can tell the difference between a good and bad link.


Access to exclusive software

Liberty’s search experts use a number of techniques and tools to tell between a good link and a bad one, and then work to disassociate your site from anything that’s harming it in the long run.


Priming your site for the future

Then, when you have removed the unhealthy links from your site, you can start thinking about the future. Check out our link building services page which shows you how to build on your firm foundation.


Get your site back on track