Website Migration

If you’re thinking of updating your website, hold tight. Don’t do a thing before you’ve considered SEO. Get the guidance you need from Liberty.

SEO isn’t a developer’s or a designer’s job, it’s ours. So be sure to rope us in if you’re thinking of a makeover.

You’ve spent years of blood, sweat and tears making sure your website works perfectly. And now you want to update it, upgrade it, add to it or streamline it.

But your brand’s site is a well-oiled motor that’s purring like a kitten. You wouldn’t let an amateur take your prize Ferrari apart and put it back together, so why even think about doing it with your website.

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About to migrate a website, but don't know the first thing about migration SEO?
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Don't migrate without a thorough site audit

  • Site Audit
  • SEO Checklist
  • Keyword Report

Start with an audit of your site

A site upgrade is the perfect chance to give it a once-over.
Figure out where your users are dropping off, why they’re doing it and what’s going on under the hood.

Once it’s had a health check, you’ll be in a much better position to fix it up.


Talk to us about our site migration SEO checklist

Our SEO checklist covers:

  • URL Structures
  • 301 Redirects
  • Indexing
  • Meta Data
  • Preserving Your Content
  • Rank Checking
  • Indexation Check
  • Updating Your Analytics Goals

SEO Case Studies

pizza express case study

+114.7% Booking Revenue

By optimising each restaurant page and Google My Business listing for location keywords, managing its citation profile, and optimizing the site’s backlink profile to build authority; we delivered.

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label source warehouse tags

+27.25% Revenue Increase

This is a giant increase from the 8% target. In comparison, the previous YOY revenue stats were dismal, 17-18 was +1% and 16-17 was -7%.

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love pork case study image

+89% Keywords on Page 1

With a principle aim of providing recipe inspiration and pork education, AHDB knew they needed to be visible online, but they had very few predefined goals and strategies to achieve it.

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