Technical SEO Made Simple

Liberty's technical SEO services help Google understand your website that little bit better.

Our technical SEO services iron out technical issues in your website’s coding, with efficient, innovative and transparent technical SEO audits.

Technical search engine optimisation is a rigorous practice. Solutions can only be found after a detailed strategy has been formed, combined with thorough research and an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Liberty has experience in creating these strategies to suit a variety of different disciplines, all topped off with full proof research and good practice to solve technical issues your website maybe experiencing.

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A Technical SEO audit will make sure your site is running off of a solid foundation, so Liberty’s technical roadmap and technical SEO strategy is both rigorous, easy to understand and proven to get results:

  • Site Structure
  • Keyword Audits
  • Technical Strategy
  • Building on Strengths

It begins with a Technical SEO Strategy

Our technical audits combine our expertise and innovative software to understand how Google crawls your website. We can then create an effective technical search engine optimisation strategy where we measure the performance and effectiveness of your website. This starts our collaborative work off on a solid foundation.

Using this stable foundation, we can cultivate an ever-growing network of technical SEO, exploring opportunities, optimising and revising site structure, preventing cannibalisation and improving site speed.

Our technical SEO agency will build a strategy over 1, 6 and 12 months that will bring a wave of organic traffic to your site.


Here at Liberty, we believe in doing things the right way. Our agency was created on that basis and this reflects in our technical SEO. We’ll do things properly and will never take ill-advised shortcuts, safeguarding your website’s technical-side from any changes in Google or search policy: that’s our promise.

We give your website the technical probing of its life and uncover all of its dirty secrets. Coding errors, canonicalisation, crappy load times – we’ll expose them all on our mission to get you where you deserve. Picture of Adam Stonehouse Adam Stonehouse Senior Technical SEO Specialist

With Liberty's technical SEO agency, you will get:

  • Cutting-edge SEO practice from Wales’ largest digital marketing agency.
  • A collaborative, client-focused approach.
  • Proven and tangible results from evidence-based practice.

A technical SEO agency that does things the right way, ensuring long-term success.

Our technical SEO services include

Page speed improvement

A website that loads for more than 3 to 4 seconds will lose a lot of users. When doing search engine optimization, we help ensure that the loading time of your website is as short as possible. As an SEO agency, we optimise the technical aspects that have a decisive influence on the page speed so that a potential customer can see your products or services without waiting.

Review of the website structure

The structure of a website determines how well users can find their way around it. Companies therefore need a page that users can navigate intuitively. We check how your website is structured and whether it meets the requirements of search engines. Our SEO consulting supports you in optimizing your page structure.

Optimization of the URL structure

Google demands that users can see at a glance what is hidden behind a URL. We check your URLs and transform them into meaningful, concise links that search engines can understand & index without error.

Implementation of structured data

Structured data is a standardized format that helps search engines to classify the content of your website. Google uses the structured data to generate rich snippets for its SERPs. This means: With structured data you increase the chance that your business will appear in the search results with special elements such as rating stars, price information or images.

Implementation of Mobile First

From March 2021, Google will index and rank websites only according to mobile. Our SEO consulting therefore ensures that your customer has a pleasant and fast surfing experience on smartphones and tablets. An analysis of your mobile website shows us which weaknesses we need to fix from an SEO point of view.

SEO Case Studies

pizza express case study

+114.7% Booking Revenue

By optimising each restaurant page and Google My Business listing for location keywords, managing its citation profile, and optimizing the site’s backlink profile to build authority; we delivered.

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label source warehouse tags

+27.25% Revenue Increase

This is a giant increase from the 8% target. In comparison, the previous YOY revenue stats were dismal, 17-18 was +1% and 16-17 was -7%.

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love pork case study image

+89% Keywords on Page 1

With a principle aim of providing recipe inspiration and pork education, AHDB knew they needed to be visible online, but they had very few predefined goals and strategies to achieve it.

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