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Paid media has never been more complex or more powerful.

As the digital marketplace evolves beyond mere paid search (PPC), display and social advertising into AI and machine learning, businesses need the most sophisticated, innovative paid advertising strategies to survive and thrive.

What is PPC?

In digital marketing pay-per-click (PPC for short), ads are placed in the search results of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! These ads normally feature on the top and the bottom of the search engine results pages as an Ad or a product, with Google Shopping.

But our PPC services don’t just stop with search engines. Pay per click as the name suggests, is paid advertising where you only pay when someone clicks your ads. As well as being seen on search engines, paid ads can be created across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin as well as the wide variety of websites who are part of the Google Display Network, on YouTube, in Google Play and ad campaigns in mobile apps. We are a leading PPC agency that aims to educate, as well as provide our clients with award winning PPC services.

We crunch customer data, bulldoze ad structures and partner with vendors to dig up unforeseen opportunities. That allows us to confidently place the right PPC ads for the right user at the right time. With our PPC advertising services your online profile will expand while ad spends shrinks.

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Always, our end goal with paid search advertising is to:

  • Put your brand in front of more of the right people
  • Bring more people to your website to visit your content
  • Scale your business, whether through leads, sales, or something else
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PPC Case Studies

happy beds room in a box seo case study

+1205% in Organic Revenue

For stratospheric business growth our multi-channel approach to Happy Beds' digital marketing exceeded all their goals, making digital a core revenue stream.

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The Award Winning Paid Media Agency That Delivers

All good marketers understand advertising, but when it comes to an impregnable account structure and PPC strategy, you need an expert that’s been there and done it – and does it the right way.  

We partner with multiple vendors to give you the perfect mix of third-party technology and industry insight, which includes being a Google Premier Partner, Bing Select Partner and AdRoll Certified.

These partnerships offer advanced targeting techniques that only spends your hard-earned money on the right audience.

Other PPC agencies are keen to paint PPC as an intricate, complex beast, but it’s in our DNA to educate as well as innovate. As with all our digital marketing services, Our PPC agency experts love to show off their ridiculous results, and you understanding the context or the results makes it that little bit more worthwhile. With Liberty as your PPC management agency you will understand exactly how we’ve improved your business’s online presence, whether that is through social media ppc campaigns, search engine PPC campaigns or any other, you can trust us to produce successful PPC campaigns.

Liberty have game-changed this eCommerce marketing channel for us via their rigorous approach, coupled with continuous testing and optimisation. As a boutique agency, they are responsive and agile and can respond to our business needs quickly, behaving as if they were part of our in-house team. Lorna Westwood Head of eCommerce and Digital

The paid media team

Crunching numbers, tweaking ad copy and getting generally pumped up about paid search, our PPC marketing agency pros’ eyes light up when you utter the words ‘increased click-through rate’.

How we approach PPC

With us, it’s never been about paying over the odds, hounding users, or preying on competitors. Our pay per click & paid media PPC agency is devoted to ROI; they dedicate their time to stay on top of paid best practice for your PPC campaign.

We eschew the siloed approach, working across platforms and technologies on a delicious sliding scale from full-ownership of delivery to consultancy and paid media training. At the end of the day, we’re just here to hit your goals.

We have a gold standard approach to successful PPC. Our bespoke strategy covers:

  •     Identifying the most lucrative target audience
  •     Structuring, or re-structuring, ad accounts
  •     Rigorous opportunity identification
  •     Spotting missed opportunities in the digital markets
  •     A bespoke measurement plan covering KPIs and performance goals

Liberty's PPC Services Include

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Google Ads Management

When it comes to Google Adwords, ROI is Liberty’s bread and butter. PPC management done right. Our pay per click team are Google Ad certified for a reason: they lower your cost-per-click without sacrificing on conversions. Through a combination of persona-based intelligent targeting, market knowledge, Google Partner expertise and attention-to-detail, our Google PPC experts ensure your advertisements are seen by the right audience. We undertake keyword research as well as full ad design and creation service to ensure your search ads stand out.

Google PPC Services
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Bing Ads Management

Our PPC services cover all major search engines. Diversify your digital campaigns and enjoy super-low CPCs using Bing ad campaigns. Many brands only consider Google ads and underestimate Bing pay per click advertising or ignore it altogether. When we work with you we’ll conduct a thorough audit of your marketplace and ascertain whether you can steal a march on your rivals using Bing.

Bing PPC Services
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Display Advertising

Liberty combines dynamic creative work with statistical boffinery so that you dominate display advertising with your pay per click campaign. When utilising Liberty’s Display remarketing knowledge, your business will enjoy all the benefits of sophisticated targeting techniques, behaviour analysis, demographic breakdowns, fashion of visits and long-term affinity categories across the Google display network.

Display Advertising Services
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Remarketing is all about reaching those ‘lapsed’ customers and bringing them back to your site. Retargeting allows brands to capitalise on seasonal peaks in demand. Our remarketing management is used by dozens of top brands to ensure they are speaking to the right people at just the right time. As part of the service, we ensure tracking and targeting is set up with no errors, allowing our retargeting agency to analyse the behaviour of your customers in-depth to help formulate money making remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing Services
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Liberty concocts innovative programmatic display advertising campaigns. Programmatic brings with it an opportunity to find new target markets that your competitors aren’t reaching. Our programmatic service team know how to use Programmatic at the right time to maximise exposure and ROI. By taking a proactive approach with us, you can beat your competitors to the Programmatic punch.

Programmatic Display Advertising Services
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Google Shopping Management

For our eCommerce clients, we see some of the highest amount of conversions and best ROIs with Google shopping campaigns. We go right to the core of Google shopping, auction insights and analytics, allowing us to understand your customers better than anyone else. Struggling with your conversion rate? Need some granular, relevant analysis? Then our Google PPC agency is the team for you.

Google Shopping Campaign Services
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Facebook Ads

Our Facebook advertising experts have revived accounts, using analytical data and creativity to mould exciting campaigns that not only gets you sales, but cultivates a sense of community. When you work with Liberty, you’ll typically see us bringing results out of previously unprofitable campaigns. By knowing how to utilise Facebook’s targeting tools to their fullest potential, we can turn the most ROI-starved campaign into one that brings results for long term positive PPC performance.

Facebook Advertising Services
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Twitter Ads

If you’re struggling to make the most of Twitter ads or if it sticks out as an outlier in your usually fluid PPC strategy across social media platforms, then we can help. We know how to use the platform to elevate your brand, its reach and to cultivate a strong sense of community.

Twitter Ads Services
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Linkedin Ads

Our Linkedin paid media services can ensure that your content and your brand is seen by only the most relevant people which increases the quality of PPC leads.

LinkedIn Advertising Services
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PPC Strategy

Our PPC agency will work with you to develop long and short terms goals that you would like to achieve with your PPC campaigns. Measurable KPIs with a client specific digital marketing strategy, will allow us to demonstrate the value of your PPC campaigns.

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PPC Consulting

Our PPC services extend in consulting. Does your in-house digital marketing team need some extra expert help with running profitable paid advertising campaigns? Our PPC company will help you reign in unnecessary advertising spend and help ensure your ROI is at its maximum.

PPC Consultant
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PPC Audit

Are you not satisfied with your performance of your current paid media campaigns? Is your ad spend out pacing your ROI? Is your account well structured? Are you running the right ads? Are these switched for the correct keywords? Has a sufficient budget been set? These are all questions that we pursue within the our PPC audits. Our PPC specialists can review and give you optimisation ideas for your failing PPC campaigns. We also review your landing pages to give advice on how to improve conversion rate and overall campaign performance.

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Transparent PPC Management Reports

PPC campaign management services you can trust.You can keep up to date with our PPC management services with your own, client specific Google data studio reporting dashboard. You will also receive a monthly report emailed to you which will detail how your paid search campaigns are performing.

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Tracking & Tagging Setup

As a full service digital marketing agency we have expertise in all things digital. This includes ensuring all your paid media campaigns are tagged and tracked as need. We will make sure all PPC data is accurate using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics as well as Google Merchant Centre.

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PPC Training

Being a Microsoft Ads and Google Premier Partner means we know the ins-and-outs of PPC ads, from brand standards, quality guidelines to the most recent updates and changes to search engine advertising. Liberty’s pay per click training provides you with the tools to understand, compare and execute truly inspiring PPC advertising campaigns.

PPC Training Services

When it’s done right, our pay per click services generate brand impressions, drives online traffic and delivers ROI. So, do pay per click advertising right. Speak with us.

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