Re-engaging customers. Maximising interest. Finalising purchases.

Nurture your existing audience and skyrocket your ROI.

Dynamic remarketing puts your brand back in touch with your target markets.

More than 90% of users don’t buy from a website on first visit and 75% abandon a shopping cart.

Remarketing is all about reaching those ‘lapsed’ customers and bringing them back to your site.

Liberty’s trained Google Ads experts know the ins and outs of dynamic remarketing techniques. Being Google marketing experts for over a decade, we have knowledge of cutting edge remarketing tools to help jilted users fall back in love with your brand.

Engaging Remarketing to bring them back.

A lot of the success of a remarketing campaign comes down to correctly evaluating the data, then using experience and intuition to form an effective strategy.

Reach Relevant Customers

Remarketing is all about engaging with an audience you know is already interested. Prioritising them can provide a leg-up on sales and interest.

Eliminate Wasted Budget

We analyse patterns within the account for opportunities to retarget as the base of our strategy, so every part of your budget gets used well.

Supercharged Seasonal Campaigns

Our remarketing management is used by dozens of top brands to ensure they’re speaking to the right people at just the right time.

Doing Remarketing Right

As part of the service, we ensure tracking and targeting is set up with no errors, allowing our retargeting agency to analyse the behaviour of your customers in-depth.

What Remarketing means to us

A huge portion of your audience won’t buy on the first visit, but we know they’re still thinking about you.

Remarketing can get a bad rap. But like all advertising, it’s only bad when it’s done wrong.

With tools like AdWords, we create dynamic remarketing ads that put you back in the minds of the customers you just missed out on.

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