eCommerce SEO Services

If your eCommerce business is going to grow, you need to work with experts who’ve been there and done that. That’s where Liberty comes in.

Our technical SEO services iron out technical issues in your website’s coding, pagespeed, user experience issues, Googlebot crawling problems, indexing trouble and more, with efficient, innovative and transparent technical SEO audits.

What is eCommerce SEO?

Improving rankings, increasing traffic, driving revenue. That’s what our eCommerce SEO services are all about.

If your business is based on sales, whether of software, services, or physical items, your SEO strategy needs to be at its best to rank for the right keywords, drive organic traffic and lessen dependence on advertising spend.

Our SEO eCommerce Services strategically focus on sustainable growth. Whether it’s improving the technical health of your site, increasing relevance through quality website content or growing domain trust through PR coverage from top publications, we’ll do what it takes to get you ranking for the lucrative keywords in your industry.

Business growth is about the journey as well as the destination. We’re a transparent agency that strives to help you understand the work we’re doing for you, and why, through regular client check-ins, monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews.

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As an SEO agency for ecommerce, our strategy doesn’t just stop at Google. We’re committed to getting you the best results possible wherever your customer base might be looking for you, so we’re also able to tailor your strategy to YouTube SEO and Bing SEO. We can also help with:

  • Site Structure
  • Keyword Audits
  • Technical Strategy
  • Building on Strengths

Your End Result

SEO services for eCommerce websites never hit an official end – it’s an ongoing task that will continue to keep your website at the top of its game (and search engines) while trends change, and competitors adapt. With our continuous work, we can:

• Help more people find your brand online through search engines
• Bring more organic traffic to your website
• Convert website visitors into paying customers

Let’s talk Ecommerce strategy. We’re an Ecommerce SEO Agency that can help you find the best way to optimise your business both on- and off-site for the best engagement and revenue.


Our eCommerce SEO Services Include

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Keyword Research & Distribution

Finding out what people are searching in your industry, and how much those search terms are worth. We’ll consider semantic relevance, search volume and competitiveness and then map a site structure to target a variety of relevant terms.

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Competitor Analysis

Understanding what is and isn’t working for your competitors, including rank tracking software, and letting this information inspire your business strategy.

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Content Optimisation

Working closely with our content marketing services to optimise site copy and blog content to rank for relevant keywords and drive online traffic, while still delighting readers with a tone of voice that’s relevant to your brand.

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Digital PR

Getting your eCommerce brand featured in the publications your audience are reading. Our Digital PR services include campaigns, reactive PR and product outreach to drive trustworthy links and quality referral traffic.

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Technical SEO

Working with your developers to ensure your website is abiding by best practice. Our technical specialists examine your site speed, accessibility ratings and Core Web Vitals factors to ensure you’re providing the best user experience.

Technical SEO Service
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SEO Reporting

Creating bespoke Google Data Studio dashboards so you can monitor performance across different aspects of the strategy – from PR coverage and rankings to engagement and conversions.

Magento SEO

One of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world is Magento, but it has its own own set of SEO difficulties.
Our team of Magento SEO experts can assist if you have a Magento eCommerce website but are having trouble generating organic traffic and sales, or if you are receiving a few sales but believe you should be getting more. We have experience with a wide range of content management systems and understand that all can come with their own unique search engine optimisation issues.

Shopify SEO

Our eCommerce SEO agency has worked with a variety of Shopify businesses over the years and has produced some amazing outcomes. Shopify have some standard SEO issues when it comes to their eCommerce stores. Restricted URLs is one, sub folders /product and /collection must be included in the URL of every new product or collection you upload. Product page duplicate content issues is another, where you need to ensure your canonical tags are perfect for maximum results. Despite this our SEO experts are still able to give you a winning SEO strategy despite some CMS limitations.

Ecommerce SEO Case Studies

happy beds room in a box seo case study

+1205% in Organic Revenue

For stratospheric business growth our multi-channel approach to Happy Beds' digital marketing exceeded all their goals, making digital a core revenue stream.

View case study
pizza express client case study

+114.7% Booking Revenue

By optimising each restaurant page and Google My Business listing for location keywords, managing its citation profile, and optimizing the site’s backlink profile to build authority; our SEO agency delivered.

View case study
label source warehouse tags

+27.25% Revenue Increase

Our SEO services agency used cutting edge techniques to create a keyword built site structure which saw increases in website visits and revenue

View case study
find and fund my car logo

Featured in a favourite Digital PR roundup “The Weekly PR”

Our challenge was to raise awareness of an online search platform for new and used cars

Our mission was to gain high-authority backlinks from mainstream national, regional and motoring press, with links pointing to the purpose-built campaign page where, over time, these links will help with findandfundmycar’s website Google rankings.

View case study

We’re proud to be an official Premier Google Partner.