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For brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation in LinkedIn, trust our data-led social media advertising team.

As the undisputed hub for industry and business, LinkedIn is excellent for B2B trafiic and lead generation – and so much more.

A healthy LinkedIn presence with an engaged and highly relevant audience is a great way to build a strong ecosystem around your brand. When managed effectively, LinkedIn advertising is a valuable tool to help drive this aim. Our LinkedIn advertising team can be the guiding presence to get you there, growing both your community and your business.

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Looking to transform your LinkedIn advertising strategy? We’ve got you covered.

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Master LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn enables in-depth audience targeting and when used effectively, is a particularly valuable tool for lead generation.

Our LinkedIn advertising services can ensure that your content and your brand is seen by the most relevant people, primed to engage.

We use our platform knowledge and a wealth of experience to ensure you’re making the right impression.

  • In-Depth Targeting
  • Best Practices
  • High Quality Leads
  • Improve Brand Awareness

There’s a vast selection of formats available on LinkedIn Advertising and choosing the right format for your campaign objective is a vital part of our planning process.

For example, if you’re interested in your ads appearing on the LinkedIn news feed either to boost awareness or drive website visits, a single image, carousel or a video ad is the right one for you, or if the goal of your campaign is to drive engagement via LinkedIn’s messaging inbox, a conversation ad gives you the opportunity to do so.

Promoting an event? The event ad format is great for driving more event registrations, or if you want to boost the number of followers you have on your LinkedIn page, a format like LinkedIn follower ads is very effective.

Alternatively, our personal favourite is lead gen forms, available alongside sponsored content (i.e. single image, carousel, video ads) or message ads, this ad format drives high-quality leads at scale and is perfect for growing your customer base no matter what product or service you offer.


Content Case Studies

happy beds content campaign for pregnant mums

+219% Search Visibility

We aimed to drive relevant inbound links towards the Happy Beds domain to boost an already-improving performance and increase search visibility.

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happy beds room in a box seo case study

+1205% in Organic Revenue

For stratospheric business growth our multi-channel approach to Happy Beds' digital marketing exceeded all their goals, making digital a core revenue stream.

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