With 414m users and counting, LinkedIn is 'the' B2B social network. Paid search pros at Liberty know just how to grow your brand awareness with the corporate community.

Here’s how we do it:

Live it up with LinkedIn

In-depth targeting techniques

If you know what you’re doing, LinkedIn allows you to drill down your targeting techniques to near-forensic levels. Our social experts can ensure that your content and your brand is seen by only the most relevant people.


Improving your corporate profile

A healthy LinkedIn presence with enthusiastic followers and colleagues is a great way to build an engaging ecosystem around your brand. We create cracking content campaigns that organically grow communities and help your business to grow.


Identifying the right influencers

Finding the right influencers, and engaging with them, is key to success on LinkedIn. We use our PR techniques to ensure you’re making the right impression and get them singing your tune.