Andy Crisp, Head of Client Services

Picture of Andy Crisp

Andy began his career in the post room of a PR agency in 1998 and has been agency-side ever since.

He’s worked with clients from all over the world in a wide range of industries, from the glitz and glamour of video calling to the honest toil of meat industry trade conferences.

Along the way he’s learned a lot about client relationships, experience that he uses in his role as Head of Client Services.

Andy is responsible for ensuring that clients have the best possible experience of working with Liberty, and that we’re building strong partnerships to help them achieve their business objectives.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself I’m the proud owner of a Hertfordshire Fire Service bravery award, which I received for saving a petrol station from blowing up (yes, really).

What's been the proudest moment of your life so far? Both the proudest and the scariest, but it has to be helping my amazing wife to deliver our second daughter at home, when she arrived a bit too quickly for us to get to the hospital. My bathroom has never been the same since!

What’s your death row meal? I’m going with a Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings and crackers for me to pull with the guards. Maybe a well-timed joke could change their minds?

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I’ve been told Pete Davidson, who’s apparently famous for more than just being Kim K’s rebound boyfriend after Kanye.

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