Elizabeth Penny, Senior Account Manager

Picture of Elizabeth Penny

Liz’s academic background is in filmmaking and creative media and she’s even worked on a couple of Hollywood film sets in her younger days. Her interest in digital marketing was sparked while working for an agency that specialised in sustainability communications. Above all, Liz is a communicator who loves to work with a wide range of industries – making her an ideal Senior Account Manager.

Liz arrived at Liberty with a wide range of experience in account and project management. She is dedicated to troubleshooting any client pain points and adding value to every client – understanding that every client’s needs are unique and specific to them. She has managed a wide range of creative campaigns for household names in the past; from Coca-Cola to Hyundai. Liz has collaborated with businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes and will adapt to varying needs and cultures accordingly in order to deliver the best results!

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I either get Rachel Weisz, Jean from X-Men or Florence & The Machine. I only wish I could sing like Florence!

What’s been the proudest moment of your life so far? Conquering my fear of going under water by scuba diving, then absolutely loving it and finding new hobbies in scuba diving, SUP boarding and surfing.

What’s your death row meal? My starter would be garlic and thyme baked brie with some chunky bread for dipping. For main it’s my Mum’s butternut squash and stilton risotto (it’s got to be cooked by Mandy Penny herself), with some deep fried, filo pastry covered feta and honey on the side. Can you tell that I like cheese yet Gromit? For dessert, I’d have Wagamama’s white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, with some clotted cream and strawberries for good measure.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I’ve completed two years of my masters in psychotherapeutic practice and I’ve got my ‘readiness to practice’ certificate. This means that I’m able to practice counselling as a student – so I’m happy to help with all of your problems, not just your marketing ones.

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