Maria-Jose Padros, Digital Project Manager

Picture of Maria-Jose Padros

Maria-Jose was born and raised in Paris, then spent part of her life in Castellón, Barcelona and Valencia. In Spain, after completing her studies, she worked as Assistant Director in the banking and construction sector (Executive of Import-Export and Quality Specialist in the manufacturing sector).

Following the global financial crisis, in 2012, she decided alongside her family to start from scratch in Wales.

Her savings allowed her to study English intensively and she set up a small organic wine importing company. In 2017, she became responsible for the Spanish and French accounts coordinating internal resources to meet with customers’ SLAs for a small Welsh manufacturing company. In the meanwhile, she studied Business Management at the Open University and graduated in Oct 2022.

Maria’s studies allowed her to make a change in career and a great opportunity came as Project Coordinator in telecoms. The opportunity at Liberty goes far beyond this though. Maria-Jose is responsible for project management, successfully delivering projects where her final goal is to provide the best context for the project teams to exceed customer satisfaction.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I naturally swear in French, which is a good thing… my colleagues do not notice it!

What's been the proudest moment of your life so far? My two children’s births and receiving my undergraduate degree in the presence of my children and closest friends.

What’s your death row meal? I would ask for crab linguini paired with a bottle of Viognier and invite my door guardian to dinner with me!

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? I'm not sure, but would love to resemble to Monica Bellucci.

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