Pietro Pirani, Senior PPC Specialist

Picture of Pietro Pirani

Pietro joined Liberty as a Senior PPC Specialist in 2019 with seven years of digital experience under his belt. Pietro spent four years within digital agencies in various Strategy and Performance teams, and three years client-side in tech, health, and car industries as a Marketing Manager.

Combining his academic knowledge from a BA Marketing degree with his strategic and performance agency experience from within large companies, Pietro brings the experience of managing diversified marketing channels, online and offline, for international markets like Brazil, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, and Canada.

Passionate about marketing, Pietro goes beyond standard PPC strategies to integrate design, social, UX/UI and CRM into holistic marketing strategies.

Which celebrity do you most closely resemble? When I was I was trying my football career, people used to say Toni Kroos or Arshavin, but I don't think so :)

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I'm crazy about reptiles, specially snakes. I had 8 snakes and 2 lizards as pets when I was younger, before leaving Brazil and I miss them a lot.

What’s the proudest moment of your life? The day I started my first job outside Brazil, completely out of my comfort zone, in a different country (Germany), different language, with a totally different culture to adapt and I did it!

What’s your death row meal? My mom's pierogi

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