Master the art of SEO. Liberty’s SEO training courses are delivered by search masters and are bespoke to your specific needs and goals.

Get to grips with SEO. Liberty’s search whizzes deal day-to-day with some of the internet’s biggest brands, and offer bespoke SEO training packages to build your knowledge and meet your goals.

Bespoke SEO training

Whether you want advanced SEO insight or a beginner’s guide to the art of search, our expert team will tailor your sessions to your specific needs, and ensure that your goals and objectives are met.


Learn the Analytics

It’s easy to be somewhat daunted by Google Analytics. That’s why our data geniuses run specialist sessions that show you it’s not half as scary as it looks – while you’ll also learn a number of actionable tips to make the most of Google Analytics.


Top up your technical skills

Search marketing in 2018 is a multi-faceted beast. From keyword research and competitor analysis to site audits, backlink analysis and reporting techniques, our SEO training courses introduce you to a range of helpful tools and tips that’ll boost your SEO knowledge.


Set your SEO strategy

We can help you set a long-term SEO strategy that targets the right customers and funnels them towards a point of conversion – ensuring your search activity delivers a cast-iron ROI. What’s not to like about that?


Get to grips with SEO

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